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The 16,000 square foot building that houses the SVM collection contains multiple rooms of exhibits that represent the Sacramento Valley from the mid 19th through the mid 20th century.  Exhibits that have been completed in the last couple of years are a 19th century dry goods and a room representing businesses that could be found in Colusa County in the late 19th century, including hotels, barber shops, and hot springs resorts.  Newer exhibits include a room dedicated to those who represented the Sacramento Valley in military wars and conflicts from the Civil War to the current generation. SVM staff and volunteers plan on updating popular current exhibits as well such as the general store, alumni room and the children's room.


If you would like to assist staff in working on the exhibits mentioned above, please see the "Volunteers" page of this website! 



Exhibit Makeovers

Many of the current exhibits at the SVM are favorites of staff, volunteers and visitors.  Those exhibits have not been updated in years, and objects are dusty and poorly exhibited.  All exhibits at the SVM will be updated to reflect current museum standards and create renewed interest. The early kitchen exhibit has been updated to include a glimpse into Colusa County Agriculture in the 1930's during the depression.


Dry Goods Exhibit

This exhibit features 19th century objects and textiles that would have been sold in a dry goods store of the period.  Dry goods stores sold clothing, fabric, dress patterns, shoes, and clothing accessories.